Turkiye Breaks Daily Export Record, Achieving $2.121 Billion

Turkiye's export sector has recently achieved a remarkable milestone, with the daily export value reaching a historic record of $2.121 billion on June 23, 2023. This significant accomplishment signifies Turkiye's economic strength and resilience in the face of global challenges.

Trade Minister of Turkiye proudly announced the achievement through his Twitter account, highlighting that Turkiye surpassed the $2 billion daily export threshold. The export value of $2.121 billion not only sets a new benchmark but also surpasses the annual export of 1977 ($1.753 billion) and the monthly export of August 1999 ($1.940 billion). Despite the prevailing weak trends in the global economy and trade, this historic daily export value demonstrates the dynamism and resilience of Turkiye's exporters.

Turkiye's export success comes at a time when global economic indicators, such as the June 2023 Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI), reflect a decline in economic activity. The PMI for the Eurozone dropped to 43.6, and Germany, Turkiye's largest trading partner, witnessed its lowest level in 37 months with a PMI of 41. Despite these challenges, Turkiye's exporters have showcased their strength and adaptability, defying the odds and positioning Turkiye as a reliable and competitive player in the international market.

Looking ahead, Trade Minister emphasizes the importance of prioritizing sustainable export growth with high added value while reducing import needs. This strategy aims to create a healthy growth environment and mitigate external pressures that could potentially affect macroeconomic stability. Establishing macroeconomic stability will also pave the way for a favorable investment climate, allowing for strong collaboration between investment, high-value production, and export chains.

Turkiye's remarkable achievement in breaking the daily export record with a value of $2.121 billion demonstrates its resilience, determination, and competitiveness in the global trade arena. As Turkiye continues to prioritize sustainable export growth, reduce import dependence, and maintain macroeconomic stability, its exporters are well-positioned to contribute to the country's economic growth and further strengthen Turkiye's position as a significant player in international trade.

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