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We Stick to Our Social Principles

As Turkish Goods, we take inspiration from nature and give our best protection. Respecting the natural ways of agriculture makes our products healthy and memorable. With the realization that the world’s resources are precious, Turkish Goods regards the law as a responsibility to leave a carefully protected environment to future generations and encourages everyone to cooperate to conserve the environment.


Community Development

Our community is what makes us complete. We are raising the bar for ourselves as we maintain an engaged and inclusive community. We make sure that what we do benefits everyone involved.


Ethical Principles

We are concerned about our ethical responsibilities and strive to conduct ourselves in a fair and ethical manner. Turkish Goods regards basing all corporate conduct on an awareness of social responsibility as an unchangeable core component of its management approach, based on the accepted core values of modesty, respect, and connection to people. We strive to be leaders in actions that protect democracy, human rights, and the environment. At Turkish Goods, we adhere to our social responsibilities, which serve as a guideline for our business operations.



Our sustainable agriculture ensures that society’s current food and textile needs are met without risking current or future generations’ ability to meet their own. We practice sustainable agriculture in order to protect the environment, increase the Earth’s natural resource, and better manage soil fertility.